why glen oaks escrow

An Independent Escrow Company

You can feel more secure with an independent escrow company. Unlike banks, title companies and brokerages, an independent  rm must comply with stricter operational and CPA auditing, bonding requirements,  nancial liquidity requirements and trust fund insurance guidelines.

  Independent Title Company Broker Owned Bank or
Savings & Loan
Management 5 Years Experience as
Escrow Officer
No No No
Licensed by Dept.
of Corporations
Yes No, Regulated by the
Dept. of Insurance.
Licensed through the
Real Estate Broker
by the DRE
No, Regulated by
the Dept. of Financial
Annual Audit with
No Prior Notice
Yes No No No
Annual CPA Audit Yes No No No
Employees Appvd
by DOC and Dept.
of Justice
Yes No No No
Yes No No No
Req. for Financial
Yes No No No
Trust Fund
Yes No No No


We are licensed by the Department of Business Oversight for the State of California. All of Glen Oaks Escrow’s staff has been approved through the Department of Justice. Additionally, with less bureaucracy, our independent escrow company more easily achieves greater ef ciency and productivity.